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Music Scheduling

The bedrock of our business and where we started.


The natural expansion of our media expertise.


Our collaboration with Jazler broadcast software makes dreams come true.

What we do

Supply companies, niche businesses and entrepreneurial directors/managers with the creative tools and media to enhance their musical/video content in retail/leisure venues.


We have a rich experience of targeted music and video programming with our clients. Consult with us and see if we are a good fit for your next project.

Video Supply

A massive video library including music videos, tv series and films is available to licensed clients from our fast content servers.

Our on-line music service which supports the Jazler/Gaga professional audio system. It's a real game changer in mood music scheduling.


A network of professional sound hardware installers are available across Europe and the UK.

Get in touch

Let us know if you have a new project or just need some advice. We are here to help.