How Does It Work?

An intuitive Gaga/Jazler Player interface makes the learning curve easy and enjoyable


These schedules drive the Gaga/Jazler Player 24-7 and create the mood that you specify. We can create these for you from your Welcome Email which includes a questionnaire about your trading style. This will get you up and running quickly.

Hands on fine tuning can be carried out later by watching the startup video. If you have any problems there's live support and chat sessions available

Instant Mood Changes

This is the most exciting feature on the player. There are times when the current music mood may need to change, this can be done easily by using specified categories (up to 50+ available) activated instantly from your keyboard, mouse or touch screen and then mixed seamlessly into your current music session.

  • Great if you need to change the tempo up or down.
  • Specialised music nights i.e. 80's, Disco.
  • Seasonal and Specialities i.e. Football Anthems, Valentine's.
  • Over 50+ Categories to choose from in our online store.
  • Password lockout of this feature for management control.