Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully.


To use the Radiogaga.com service you must be over 18 years of age. The service has been designed for business and individuals who work in environments that require background music. The system requires a constant connection to the internet whenever possible. We cannot guarantee music updates if this is not operating and we may suspend usage of the system.

A country specific Public Performing Music Licence is necessary to legally use the Radiogaga.com service in public areas. Just Google 'Music Licences' to find your local organisation.


A 'live' registered email is required, any changes should be sent to admin@gaga24-7.com. You or the company are responsible for the protection of the Gaga24-7 system, any attempt to mis-use, copy or tamper with the system could result in a copyright legal action. The service can be cancelled during any period within the 'live quarter' of payment. The service will then terminate at the end of this quarter. There are no part refunds given. At the end of a cancellation period, Gaga24-7.com requires access to your equipment in order to remove the software. Failure to comply will count as a breach of these Terms & Conditions and further charges will apply.

  • Radiogaga.com will not take any responsibility for any damages caused on your computers or company from the use of its service.
  • Radiogaga.com are not responsible for any virus checking and we recommend Windows Defender for general use
  • These Terms & Conditions may be updated in the future and notification will be sent to your registered email