Gaga24-7 is a real game changer on every level

You now have control of your music and media - Easily match the mood at any time of day - Instantly!

Sometimes your customers are not always on the same page as your music. The time of day, weather and volume of customers all have an impact on the atmosphere of your venue. More music choices and tempo driven varieties are now easily available at anytime of the day with The Gaga 24-7 one click system.

Gaga24-7 have teamed up with Jazler radio automation specialists, to create a complete and affordable solution that provides a great music programming platform. The unique features of the system have never been available to the retail and leisure industry at this professional standard with such ease of use.


Sonic and Dynamic Audio Performance

It's all about the music and the way it's played

Radiogaga is raising the bar yet again in audio playout systems with a service that delivers excellent music choices, sonic audio quality and real-time mood creation. Improving the customer experience, image brand and the bottom line.


The Service & Costs

No long contracts or service agreements with hidden clauses

Refreshing so far? Take a look at our quarterly pricing and service terms.

We are confident you you will enjoy the experience and share our enthusiasm.


Want to get moving and shaking?

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Windows 7 to 11 only

Hard Drive

50 gig free space

ADSL/Broadband Service

10mb minimum unlimited connection

Internet Connection

Wifi Or LAN (preferred)

Active Email Account

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Credit Card

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